Reviews from guitar students:

“If you live in the Tampa-St. Pete area, want to learn or improve your guitar playing skills, and are looking for the most effective and compelling way to progress, I urge you to find your way to Douglas’ studio as quickly as you can. I looked up Douglas’ website and scheduled my first lesson after slogging for months through one of the most highly regarded (and expensive) video-based instructional systems, and feeling completely discouraged. Twenty-four hours after our first session, the feeling of elation that came over me during and after the lesson has yet to subside. Douglas rapidly and accurately assessed my skill level, and developed a set of challenging but thoroughly enjoyable exercises designed to stimulate my desire to practice and to accelerate my progress. Today, I more than doubled the time I normally devote to practice and cannot wait to get back at it tomorrow. So glad I made the switch. Do yourself a big favor, schedule a lesson with Douglas and you’ll soon feel like you hit the guitar instruction jackpot.”—Tony L.

“Douglas has been one of the most influential and supportive people in my life. He is the best music teacher and coach I have ever had. When I first started learning guitar with him, three years ago, I was a novice. I didn’t know how to hold a guitar let alone play it. I was afraid to sing or perform in public, but I had always dreamed of being a performer singing the songs I had been writing since I was young. Douglas believed in me. Douglas shared with me his passion for the guitar, and for all instruments. He gave me the strive to learn. His knowledge of all types of music is so extensive and he has even helped me to learn to play the harmonica with my guitar. Each week, he has a new song for us to learn together or asks me what song I would like to learn that week or helps me work on the music I write. As a result, I now play the guitar, the harmonica and the banjitar. I can perform my own songs for crowds, which is what I have always dreamed of. Douglas has helped me develop every song I wrote, provided fair yet critical feedback and the positive encouragement I need to continue improving. He has helped me sing louder and louder. He helped me overcome my fear of singing in front of others, which is something I never thought I would be able to do. It is because of Douglas’s kind nature, constant encouragement, and patience throughout the past few years, that I now sing with my guitar for others at open-mic nights and various social events. Not only has he helped me perfect my own music and find my voice but he introduced me to the world of recording studios. I am so thankful that I have Douglas as my teacher, music coach and role-model, and because of him, I plan on majoring in music in college. I would not be who I am or performing as well as I am without him in my life.” —Toby T.

“When I decided to study guitar seriously after a long hiatus, I committed to finding the very best teacher in all of the Tampa Bay area. My search led me to Douglas Lichterman. What separates Douglas from other guitar teachers is not just his innate musical gifts and knowledge, but his considerable experience as a WORKING professional musician. I listened to some of his recordings online, read the reviews and have learned first-hand; Whether your interests are Delta, Chicago or British blues, traditional, old-school or outlaw country, flat or finger picking, classic or alt-rock, jam or shred, be-bop or jazz fusion; Douglas Lichterman has the goods! I would say that Douglas is more than a teacher – he’s a full partner in my music journey. We’ve explored scales and when to apply the different modes, chord construction, soloing, fingerpicking, slide guitar, song deconstruction and song-writing and a lot more. My lessons are never about his expertise and competencies (which are impressive), but about where I’m heading. He’s exposed me to and encouraged me to explore North African drumming at which he is also quite adept. If you want to really learn how to play, invest in your talents by getting on his schedule. What are you waiting for?!” —Gerard H.

“Last April 2011, on a whim, I picked up a used dreadnaught guitar at a community yard sale in St. Petersburg, Florida for ten bucks. I knew absolutely nothing about guitars or how to play one so I took it to Bringe Music and had their guitar specialist check it out. About three days later I was told it was ready. I went in and the rep said there was nothing at all wrong with the guitar (aside from the wild paint job and a few etchings, probably from some bored teenager who had owned it previously. The Bringe rep replaced the strings, fixed one of the tuners and tuned it up for me and sent me on my way. Now what? With some anxiety and hesitation, I decided to look for a guitar instructor who could handle a 68 year old retired Navy Senior Chief. I found Douglas Lichterman, and I recall our first phone conversation quite well. When I told Douglas that I was 68 and was looking for a guitar instructor he seemed un-phased and said that he had taught 68 year olds before (like it was no big deal). So… we set up Lesson #1. From our first meeting I knew if anyone could teach me how to play guitar, it would be Douglas. He is the model of Zen with the patience of a Saint. He has taught me so much about music, guitar and about myself. In a short time I have learned blues, rock, folk and lots of scales and finger picking patterns. His assignments are always challenging and always laced with new techniques and concepts, all designed to make me a better player. He is forever professional, yet friendly; always polite, always respectful and always accommodating. I would highly recommend my guitar instructor and my friend to anyone who seriously wants to learn how to play guitar or any of the myriad of instruments that Mr. Douglas Lichterman plays and teaches.” —Richard M.

“I purchased my guitar over 5 years ago and have tried to teach myself through multiple sources such as, emedia guitar, online courses, and of course, youtube instructionals. I was going nowhere fast, and getting frustrated with my progress. I finally pushed myself to seek private instruction, to see if I could get better results. I came across Mr. Lichterman’s website and was quickly impressed with his vast experience, instructional styles and genres. I wasn’t ready to make the weekly comittment, and Douglas was able to offer his flexible lessons to me, so we met every other week. I was finding that every other week was too long of a wait for my next lesson, as I wanted to learn more. I was eager to bump up my lessons to every week. Douglas has always been flexible with scheduling, with no hesitation, should you need to reschedule. He has such an easygoing, no pressure teaching method. I usually don’t perform well in front of people, but he has a way of making you feel comfortable and confident. I look forward to each and every lesson now, and am amazed at my progress. If I have a questions on a lesson, I can call him anytime, or send an email, and he responds to me right away. He lives up to his credentials AND MORE! You will not be disappointed….and did I mention his sense of humor??? He always makes me laugh in each lesson. He has saved my life…literally.” —Scott S.

“After 40 yrs of searching for the right instructor, I found one in Douglas Lichterman. Prior to Douglas I had taken some lessons and found the instructor did not teach, I did not learn anything from him and ultimately had a month’s tuition ripped off by him. When I decided to give another instructor a try, it was with apprehension I went to Mr. Lichterman. I got real lucky that I found Douglas and so will you. He is knowledgible, talented and most importantly ABLE TO TEACH and make learning FUN. Not only have I learned, Douglas was able to adapt his teaching to my way of learning- no pressure, and constant encouragement. In less than a year, I’ve gone from no concept of guitar to writing some of my own music, wanting to perform in public and looking forward to lessons as well as practice on a daily basis. Without Douglas’ help I would have never found the musician in me. If you are seeking an accomplished musician and instructor, a patient teacher who will not talk down to you and will help you to be the best you want to be, I can without hesitation recommend Douglas Lichterman.” —Charles N.

“My guitar lesson with Douglas is the highlight of my week! From the minute I entered his studio 6 months ago, he made me feel at ease to learn and explore the guitar and any other associated musical interests I have. For me, that has meant learning how to write a few songs (blues & country so far) to play and sing with my guitar. I had no idea I could ever write a song and it has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done with his encouragement and skillful guidance. 🙂 Douglas is a light-hearted, creative, flexible and broadly experienced musician and teacher who helps me with my musical journey – wherever that may lead. I highly recommend him!” —Megan M.