About Lessons

Whatever style of music you enjoy and want to play, we’ll follow a path that builds and emphasizes the techniques you’ll need. Our lessons will be designed to keep you interested and enthusiastic, and inspired by your own progress.

I’m a patient and supportive teacher to all ages. My primary goal is to get you up and playing quickly so you’ll gain confidence and have the desire to practice more.

Areas of Instruction

– Selecting a guitar
– Basics of the instrument / names of the parts
– Tuning the guitar
– Left and right hand positions
– First position chords / major and minor
– Moving between chords
– First position chord progressions
– Basic strumming patterns / using a pick
– Easy songs that sound cool
– How to practice

Advanced beginner
– More major chords
– More minor chords
– Fretting hand finger exercises
– Introduction to scales
– More strumming patterns
– Introduction to the 12-Bar Blues
– Practicing with a metronome
– Sharps and Flats
– Picking techniques
– How to practice

Intermediate 1
– The Musical Alphabet
– Notes on the E and A Strings
– Fifth Chords (Power Chords)
– Introduction to the Blues Scale
– Blues Chord Progressions
– New Strumming Patterns
– Introduction to the Barre Chord / Movable Chord
– String Bending
– Introduction to Fingerpicking
– How to practice

Intermediate 2
– Notes on the D, G and B strings
– Introduction to Seven Chords
– Reading Guitar Tablature
– Manipulating the Blues Scale
– Other Blues Chord Progressions
– Leading Bass / Alternate Bass Strumming
– Introduction to the Movable Scale (chromatic)
– More Advanced Fingerpicking
– More Advanced String Bending
– How to practice

Intermediate 3
– Slash Chords
– Sus-4 Chords- 2
– Octave Scales
– Modes
– Strumming Pattern with Bass Line
– Palm Muting
– Major Chord Inversions (Voicings)
– Seventh Barre Chords
– Advanced 2-Bar Strumming Pattern
– How to practice

– Alternate Tunings
– Composition
– Soloing with Modes
– Studio Recording