Seven Decs

Douglas Lichterman


Album Credits

Douglas Lichterman – acoustic and electric guitars on all pieces.

Icarus: Douglas Lichterman / Judy Ann Nock
Clayton Englar – saxophones, sax arrangements
Phil Traynor – bass
Joey Interrante – drums

Rainbow Falling: Douglas Lichterman / Joseph Jacobs
Joseph Jacobs – vocals, guitar
Stephen Miller – bass
Joey Interrante – drums

Between 2 Worlds: J Michael Taylor / Douglas Lichterman
J Michael Taylor – guitar, bass, keyboards
Joey Interrante – drums

Keeper of the Time: Douglas Lichterman / Joe Milligan
(In memory of Bill Legrandier)
Joe Milligan – lead vocal, vocals
Mandy Frick – vocals
Russell Rousch – bass

Right Eye Blue: Douglas Lichterman
Phil Traynor – bass
Dan O’Hara – keyboards
Frank Abrami – drums

Out of Mind: Douglas Lichterman / Charles Nutinsky
Clayton Englar – flutes, flute arrangements
Stephen Miller – bass
Frank Abrami – drums

Only for You: Douglas Lichterman / Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller – bass
Barbara Mazer – vocals
Frank Abrami – drums

Present from a Crow: Douglas Lichterman
J Michael Taylor – lead guitar
Phil Traynor – bass
Joey Interrante – drums

Book of Days: Douglas Lichterman
Douglas Lichterman – vocals
Joseph Jacobs – vocals, synthesizer
Clayton Englar – tenor sax
Jody Gray – bass, vocals
Dan O’Hara – keyboards
Joey Interrante – drums

All compositions by Douglas Lichterman, plus others as noted.
Produced by Douglas Lichterman and Jody Gray
Recorded at Pro Star Recording, St. Petersburg, FL
Recording Engineer: Jody Gray
Mastered at Pro Star Recording by Jody Gray
Cover Photo: Bob Thompson
Back Cover Photo: Bob Thompson
Cover Design: Bob Thompson
Executive Producer: Douglas Lichterman

For Gabrielle Lichterman with gratitude for her love and inspiration

Special thanks to all of the beautiful musicians who contributed to this album, and to Jeannette Goldman at Pro Star Recording and Bob Thompson / RedBob Photograpy.